The Four Books in Chapter and Verse with Collected Commentaries


The Analects is one of the important classics for Ruist (Confucian) scholars. It was compiled by the disciples of Confucius and their disciples. It mostly records conversations and dialogs relating to Confucius and his disciples that reflect the views and principles of Confucius as applied to administration, ethics, morality, and education. The generally accepted version of The Analects has 20 sections. Zhu Xi (1130-1200) of the Song dynasty took “The Great Learning” and “The Doctrine of the Mean” from The Book of Rites and combined these extracts with The Mencius to create The Four Books in Chapter and Verse with Collected Commentaries. Zhu Xi’s work was greatly admired in China, and for several centuries was made indispensable curricular material for those preparing to take the civil service examination. In this way, The Analects exercised a profound and far-reaching influence on successive generations in China.

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One volume, 29.6 × 20.7 centimeters

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