Stele of the Spread of the Assyrian Teachings of the Great Qin to the Central States


This stele was erected in the second year of the Jianzhong era of the Tang period (781 A.D.), by the Persian missionary Yazdhozid, in the Great Qin Temple. The text was composed by the Persian missionary Jingjing; the calligraphy is by Lü Xiuyan. The text of the stele describes the propagation of the “Luminous Teachings" (of the Assyrian Church of the East, sometimes erroneously referred to as Nestorians) in the Tang dynasty, including the translation into Chinese of the Assyrian religious text Sutra of the Teachings of the World-Honored One. The stele was unearthed in the third year of the Tianqi era of the Ming dynasty (1623), and was recognized as an important source for the propagation of Christianity in China. Western missionaries translated the text into Latin and sent it to Europe. The original stele is part of the Forest of Steles collection in Xi'an.



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Xi’an Shi, Shaanxi Sheng


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Four sheets: main side rubbing 181 x 86 centimeters; top inscription rubbing, 46 x 31 centimeters; one narrow side rubbing 177 x 25 centimeters; the other narrow side rubbing 72 x 24 centimeters

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