Annals of Creation


The cover of this work by an unknown author bears the title Translation of the Entire Text of the “Yao Annals of Creation.” In this bilingual text, the Dongba text is in color and the Chinese text is in black. The Dongba glyphs are ancient characters that were used to record the dialect of the western Naxi nationality centered around the Li River in Yunnan. They were developed in approximately the seventh century. The Annals of Creation reflect the understanding of the Naxi people concerning the natural world and the origins of humankind, and depict the Naxi people's ceaseless migrations over the course of their history and the struggle of their ancestors against nature. This work vividly portrays, in bright images, Chaozeng Li'en, the ancestor of the Naxi people, and his wife, Chenhong Baobai. The work overflows with admiration for the wisdom and heroism of the ancestors, intertwined with descriptions of faithful love. While recording Naxi history and traditional culture, the book also indirectly reflects the social life, religious philosophy, and matrimonial mores of the time. The work, which can truly be called a heroic epic, is not only representative of Dongba literature, but also an important classic of the Dongba religion, with great historical value.

Last updated: January 3, 2018