Nanking Illustrated


This book was compiled by Zhu Zhifan of the Ming dynasty. Down through the ages, the famous sites of Jinling (Nanjing) have been called “Eight Views” or “Sixteen Views.” Zhifan broadened this list to make 40 scenes, which he had Lu Shoubai paint (the 40th scene has a colophon by Lu Shoubai). Zhifan assembled the scenes with poems and accounts of changes that the sites had undergone, written in his own hand, and printed the entire compilation. At the end are poems by Du Shiquan that harmonize with the poems on the paintings; these poems are also in Zhifan's hand. There are two supplements: Jinling gujin tu kao (Inquiries into illustrations of Jinling in ancient and modern times), by Chen Yi, and Jinling yayou bian (Elegant excursions in Jinling), with poetic colophons by Yu Menglin and poems by Jiao Hong and Zhu Zhifan. These are also in the hand of Zhifan and carved at his behest. Zhifan retired to a secluded life in Jinling and devoted himself to enjoying the mountains, rivers, literary gatherings, and parties, and to exchanging poems with Jiao Hong, Gu Qiyuan, and others.

Last updated: January 3, 2018