Life and Activities of Shakyamuni Buddha Incarnate


The vivid colors in this Chinese book are reminiscent of the pictures in medieval European manuscripts. Liu Ruoyu (Ming dynasty) records this edition in his Neiban jingshu jilue (Outline record of imperial editions): “Life and Activities of Shakyamuni Incarnate: Four volumes, 440 pages.” The original book, by the Ming monk Baocheng, is in six juan (sections) and is titled Shijia rulai yinghua lu (Record of the teachings of the thus-come Śākyamuni Buddha), which indicates that the book was revised and combined with other texts before the printing blocks for it were carved. At the beginning is a text, "A Record of the Thus-Come Śākyamuni Buddha's Achievement of the Way and His Teachings” by Wang Bo (Tang dynasty). Someone of a later generation inscribed the “by Wang Bo” on the book, which is a mistake.

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Pen and ink, with wood block print illustrations on rice paper

Last updated: January 3, 2018