A Supplementary Edition of Dongli’s Poetry Collection


Presented here is Dong li shi ji xu bian (A supplementary edition of Dongli’s poetry), a collection of poems by Yang Shiqi (1366‒1444), whose style name was Dongli. This is one of two copies of the work in the rare book collection of the Asian Division of the Library of Congress. This edition is a work of nine juan in eight volumes, printed in the fifth year of the Tianshun reign (1461). Yang Shiqi, a native of Taihe, Jiangxi Province, served five emperors, was a minister of Ministry of War and concurrently a grand academician (member of the Hanlin Academy) and enjoyed a long tenure as grand secretary. He became a major advisor to the emperor on important government policies and issues. Yang Shiqi was also known as one of the leaders of the scholarly and ornate courtly writing style, called taigeti, the primary style of high officials at the court, which set the standard of literary excellence. He was posthumously bestowed the title of Wenzhen. The work was published by Yang Shiqi’s son, Yang Dao, himself a prominent scholar in classics and literature, with his name appearing at the end of each juan. The work has no prefaces or postscripts. Yang Dao compiled the collection after his father’s death and thus named it as a “supplementary” edition.

Last updated: January 10, 2018