Collected Poems from the Pingshan Hall


Pingshan Hall is the name of the studio of Liu Yingbin (1588‒1660), a native of Yishui, Shandong Province. Liu received his jin shi degree in 1613. During the tumultuous years of the late Ming and early Qing, he served as an official at the Ministry of Personnel and the Office of Transmission and was a circuit inspector in various counties. In 1646 he petitioned to retire while serving as circuit inspector in Anhui. He settled in Yangzhou for ten years and wrote poetry, before returning to his hometown in poor health. This work has five juan and a supplement in one juan, in six volumes. It is a collection of his poems written during his years in Yangzhou, some of which describe its scenic spots. The work has three undated prefaces written by Li Mingjun, Li Kai, and Huang Wenhuan (1598‒1667) as well as the preface of the supplement by Zhu Yishi (1610‒71). These were all fellow poets of the time. At the beginning of the first juan are two eulogies praising Liu Yingbin and his work, one by Fang Gongqian (1596‒1667), an exiled poet and former imperial tutor, dated 1646, and the other by Li Kai, dated 1653.

Last updated: January 10, 2018