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The Ch’ŏnha chido (Atlas of the world) is a 19th century copy of the traditional Korean atlas produced in the early Chosŏn dynasty (1392-1910). One of the maps in the atlas, "Ch’ŏnhado" (Map of the world), is a unique and popular China-centered world map seen in Korean perspective. The typical contents of the traditional Korean atlases during this period consist of the following: a world map bearing the title Ch’ŏnhado, a map of Korea, maps of the eight provinces of Korea, and maps of neighboring countries--China, Japan, and the Ryukyu Islands. Various scholars have attributed the imaginary place names in Ch’ŏnhado to Shanghaijing. Shanghaijing (Classic of mountains and seas) is a compilation of the descriptions of the ancient world of China, written during the Chin dynasty in the 3rd century B.C. The map of China in this atlas prominently depicts the Great Wall and the Yellow and Yangtze rivers. This map may have been derived from a map produced during the Chinese Ming Empire (1368-1644).

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1 manuscript atlas ([13] folded leaves) : color maps mounted on rice paper ; sheets 30 x 33 centimeters, folded to 15 x 8 centimeters

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