Afghanistan, Beloochistan, etc.


This 1893 map of Afghanistan and Baluchistan (the western part of present-day Pakistan) was published by Hunt & Eaton and engraved by Fisk & Co. of New York. Located at Fifth Avenue and 20th St. in Manhattan, Hunt & Eaton were the agents of the Methodist Book Concern, the publishing and bookselling arm of the American Methodist Church. The book concern was established in Philadelphia in 1799, and over the years used a series of firms as its agent. Hunt & Eaton was formed in 1889 when Homer Eaton joined the Reverend Sanford Hunt to take over the assets and business of an earlier firm, Philips & Hunt. In addition to printing official church publications, Hunt & Eaton turned out books on art, science, literature, and other subjects, as well as maps, all of which were known for their consistently high quality. This map is from an atlas produced for the New York Recorder Company, which published the New York Recorder, a daily newspaper associated with the Baptist Church. The map is attractive, but simple and uncluttered, intended to appeal to a mass audience.

Last updated: September 30, 2016