Commentaries on “Guanzi” and “Yanzi Chunqiu”


Guan Yan Chun qiu bai jia ping lin (Commentaries on Guanzi and Yanzi Chunqiu) was primarily compiled by Lin Shixuan, with contributions by Zhu Zhifan (died 1624), a top graduate of the Hanlin Academy and artist, Weng Zhengchun (1553‒1626), a high official during the Wanli and Tianqi reigns, and Tao Wangling (1562‒1609), a poet from Guiji, who became head of the Imperial Academy. It was printed by Yu Liangmu at his workshop Zixinzhai during the Wanli reign (1573‒1620). The first three juan deal with Guanzi Chunqiu, also called Guanzi, the last juan with Yanzi Chunqiu, also called Yanzi. Guan Zhong, known as Guanzi, was a prime minister and strategist during the Spring and Autumn period (770‒476 BC), who modernized the state of Qi and carried out reforms and whose major thoughts were reflected in his writings on various subjects, including politics, economy, and philosophy. Although the work traditionally was attributed to Guan Zhong, his words are believed to have been written down later by scholars. Yan Ying (died 500 BC), known as Yanzi, was also a prime minister of the state of Qi. His book was also written by his disciples, during the Warring States time (475‒221 BC). It contains stories about his advice to the ruler of the state of Qi. The great Chinese historian Sima Qian (circa 145–circa 86 BC) of the Han dynasty devoted an entire chapter to these two philosophers in his Shi ji (Records of the grand historian).

Last updated: January 10, 2018