History of Armenia


Mik’ayel Ch’amch’yants’ was born in Istanbul in 1738. After training and working as a jeweler in his native city, in 1762 he joined the Armenian Catholic Mekhitarist order at the St. Lazar Monastery in Venice. Founded by Abbott Mekhitar (1676–1749) in 1700, the Mekhitarists were dedicated to the religious, cultural, and literary revival of Armenia, which at the time was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. Ch’amch’yants’ was appointed instructor in the Armenian language at St. Lazar in 1774, and in 1784 he published the first volume of History of Armenia from the beginning of the world to the year 1784, bringing out the final volume in 1786. Written in chronicle style and liberally employing and analyzing non-Armenian primary source materials, this three-volume, 3,000-page work was the first critical examination of the history of the Armenian people. In 1811 Ch’amch’yants’ prepared an abridged version of his history, which was translated into English and published in India in 1827. His work exercised a great influence on Armenian studies and Orientalism throughout the 19th century and is still recognized by specialists as a classic in the field. In 1795, Ch’amch’yants’ was appointed the resident Mekhitarist representative in Istanbul, where he died in 1823.

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I Tp-i Petrosi Vaghvaziantsʻ, I Venetik


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Պատմութիւն Հայոց

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3 volumes : illustrated, color map ; 26 centimeters

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