Six Classics of Daoist Masters


This edition of Dao zong liu shu (Six classsics of Daoist masters) dates from the Wanli reign (1573‒1620) and was compiled and issued by Li Shi. It was printed by Ma Guze, a provincial judge of the Hu-Guang districts. Li Shi is known to have assembled a collection of works entitled Li dai xiao shi (Short biographies throughout the centuries), one of the important Ming series of collected works. Among his other works is this book, a compilation of six works with commentaries on Daoist classics. The six titles are Dao de zhen jing yi jie (Explanations of Dao de jing) and Xian tian dao de jing zhu jie (Annotations to Dao de jing), both by Li Rong; Wenshi zhen jing yan wai zhi (Meaning of Master Wenshi’s classic), compiled by Chen Xianwei (active 1234‒54); Chong xu zhi de zhen jing jie (Explanations of the book of Liezi), by Jiang Yu; Tanzi hua shu (Book of transformations by Master Tan), by Tan Qiao of the Southern Tang (937‒76); and one of Li Shi’s own works, Nanhua zhen jing yi zuan (Commentaries on Zhuangzi).

Last updated: January 10, 2018