New Journey into the Land of the Negroes, Followed by Studies on the Colony of Senegal, and Historical, Geographical, and Scientific Documents


Anne-Jean-Baptiste Raffenel (1809–58) was a French colonial official, who in 1846 was commissioned by the French navy to undertake a voyage of exploration to the interior of Africa. Raffenel left France in mid-May 1846 and returned in June 1848. Volume one of this two-volume work is an account of Raffenel’s fourth-month journey from France to Senegal and his travel throughout the colony, which included visits to many Senegalese towns and regions, such as Saint-Louis (Ndar), Bakel, Bambouk, and Makana. Raffenel described the governing structure of the colony, the distribution of tribes, and the cultural and religious customs of the people. Volume two is a compilation of documents relating to French colonialism in Africa, beginning with the voyage to the Canary Islands by navigators from Dieppe in 1364 and concluding with the results of mid-19th century scientific expeditions. Included are numerous engravings, a detailed foldout map, meteorological tables, and a linguistic explanation of the Arama language with an accompanying glossary of Arama words and their French equivalents.

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Imprimerie de Napoléon Chaix et Cie, Paris


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Nouveau voyage dans le pays des nègres, suivi d'études sur la colonie du Sénégal, et de documents historiques, géographiques et scientifiques

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2 volumes : frontispieces, plates, folded map, folded tables ; 26 centimeters

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