The Independence of the Republic of Congo: Texts of the Speeches Given at the Official Session of the National Assembly and During the Public Proclamation of Independence


This booklet, issued by the Ministry of Information of the Republic of the Congo, is a collection of speeches given by high-ranking Congolese and French politicians at a special session of the Congolese National Assembly on August 14-15, 1960, convened to mark the country’s independence from France, which took effect on August 15, 1960. Included are speeches by the first president of the Republic of the Congo, Fulbert Youlou (1917-72), a speech by André Malraux, and a message from French President Charles de Gaulle read by Malraux. Youlou was a Roman Catholic priest who founded the Union Démocratique pour la Défense d'Intérêts Africains (Democratic Union for the Defense of African Interests), one of the republic’s leading political parties, and served as president of the country from 1960 to 1963. Malraux (1901-76) was a prominent French novelist who served as Minister of Culture under De Gaulle in 1959-69.

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Imprimerie Officielle, Brazzaville, Congo


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L'indépendance de la République du Congo: textes des discours prononcés à la Session solennelle de l'Assemblée Nationale et à la Proclamation publique de l'Indépendance


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22 pages

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