Records on Lu Ziyan’s Relentless Efforts in Tiaoxi


The work presented here documents the good deeds of Lu Ziyan, the prefect of Huzhou (Zhejiang Province), and his efforts to protect Tiaoxi (later named Huzhou). Lu Ziyan received his jin shi degree in 1637 and began work at the Ministry of Revenue. He was posted to Huzhou and, in 1640, when the prefecture was devastated by floods, came up with a relief strategy and was relentless in his efforts to assist the prefecture. The following year, in 1641, the prefecture was hit again, this time by drought, locusts, and pestilence. Lu again provided relief and petitioned for reforms of the tax and labor-service system and for grain transport, fair taxation, and other measures. This Chongzhen edition was the work of Han Yizu and Mao Yuanming, two late-Ming officials and scholars who later died during the fall of the Ming dynasty. The edition has four prefaces dated between 1642 and 1643, including a dedication, with several seals, by Huang Daozhou (1585‒1646) and three other writers. Huang Daozhou was a scholar and minister of both the Ministry of Personnel and Ministry of War who also was killed as the Ming dynasty fell. The main content of the work consists of Lu Ziyan’s memorials submitted during the natural disasters in Huzhou. At the end of the work is an inscription by the author himself, giving the date as the 16th year (1643) of the Chongzhen reign. The documents have important value for studying the local history of the region and government policies and measures taken to combat natural disasters at that time.

Last updated: January 10, 2018