Classroom During a Lesson


This photograph is from an album of photographs of the Aleksandrovsky School in the Siberian city of Tiumen (present-day Tyumen’). The school, which educated young men from the first to the sixth grades, operated from 1879 until 1919. It was founded on the initiative of the governor-general of Siberia, Nikolai Gennadievich Kaznakov (1823‒85). Through a project organized by American journalist and explorer George Kennan (1845‒1924), the school received equipment from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Students at the school were taught Russian, German, and French, various branches of mathematics, history, drawing, and religion. In his book Siberia and the Exile System, published in 1891, Kennan described the school as equal or even superior to the finest schools in the United States and noted its extensive library and museum of natural history. The photographs in the album show the interior and exterior of the building, the students, and the teachers. The album is preserved in the National Library of Russia and was digitized for the Meeting of Frontiers digital library project in the early 2000s.


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Классная комната во время урока

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