Mosque of Abderrahman, Algiers, Algeria


This photochrome print is from “Views of People and Sites in Algeria” in the catalog of the Detroit Photographic Company. It depicts the Sidi Abderrahman [Abdul Rahman, Abdel Rahman, Abdurrahman] Mosque in Algiers, Algeria, circa 1899. According to Cook’s Practical Guide to Algiers, Algeria, and Tunisia (1904), “With the exception of the Djama el Kebir…this is the oldest religious building in Algiers…. The marabout [popular saint] Abd er Rahman et Thalebi was born in 1387 and died in 1471. The mosque was built between these dates and contains his tomb, over which are hung silk banners, ostrich eggs, etc., and on which lights are kept burning.” Auguste Renoir painted a very similar scene of the Abderrahman mosque in 1882.

Last updated: August 13, 2014