Accounts of Famous Mountains in a Single Glance


Chinese works about famous mountains and other travel writings often combined details about the physical magnificence of mountains with information about certain religious and supernatural powers attributed to famous mountains. A number of these mountains thus became the sites where Buddhist and Daoist sects originated. The mountains were also the destinations of the literati, thanks to the spiritual and inspirational travels required to reach them. The work presented here was based on an earlier work issued in 1565 and entitled Gu jin you ming shan ji (Records of the past and present of the famous mountains), written by He Tang (1507‒85), whose work was also the basis for later authors who wrote about famous mountains. The original Chinese title on this book indicates that this work is an expanded edition compiled by Shen Meng, magistrate of Zhangpu, Fujian Province. Shen Meng received his jin shi degree in 1553 and later became an investigating censor. At some point in his career he was dismissed from his post because a memorial on fraudulent practices in civil examinations that he wrote was received with displeasure. He then returned home, where he devoted himself to writing. This edition, published in the fourth year of the Wanli reign (1576), has 16 juan in 20 volumes, with two or three subsections in juan 3‒5 and 9. The preface by Shen Meng is dated 1576.


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16 juan, 20 volumes

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