Collected Memorials of Justice Minister Dong Yu


Dong Yu (1537‒1606), the author of Dong si kou shu cao (Collected memorials of Justice Minister Dong Yu), printed during the Wanli reign (1573‒1620), was a native of Le’an, Jiangxi Province. He received his jin shi degree in 1571 and held a number of different posts. He became the prefect of Dongwan, Guangdong Province. He later was sent to Yunnan to suppress the insurgents and eventually became a vice minister of the Ministry of Works and a minister of the Ministry of Justice. Si kou in the title of this work means “justice minister.” During his tenure in the provinces, Dong Yu submitted a number of memorials, which highlighted contemporary events and his proposals to the court. When he was a provincial military commander in Yunyang, in present-day Shaanxi Province, for example, there had been rampant famine. Dong Yu sent a memorial, proposing that the government suspend revenue collection and send financial aid and food to the people of the province. The local gazetteer, Le’an Xian zhi, contains all his memorials, except for this collection. The first four juan contain those written while he was the provincial military commander in Yunyang and the last two juan consist of memorials written while he was in Yunnan. They all originated from the years prior to his appointment as the justice minister and were not arranged in a chronological order. The preface was written by Yang Qiyuan, a tutor in the Imperial Academy.

Last updated: January 10, 2018