Bahrain and Jemama


Heinrich Ferdinand Wüstenfeld (1808–99) was a German Orientalist who specialized in Arab history and literature. He studied at the universities of Göttingen and Berlin, and taught at Göttingen from 1842 until 1890. This work is an analysis, based on Arab sources, of the geography of Bahrain and of the province of Yemama, located in present-day Saudi Arabia. Wüstenfeld noted in his introduction that Bahrain and Yemama were the least-known parts of the Arabian Peninsula. Only three Europeans—in 1819, 1862–63, and 1864—were known to have traveled through these regions, and none had completed a thorough geographic survey of the territory they traversed. Wüstenfeld’s short book was an attempt to expand geographic knowledge of the two regions by drawing upon the works of Arab geographers and poets and analyzing their use of place names over the centuries. The work contains a map and an alphabetical list of place names, in Arabic and in German.

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Dieterichschen Buchhandlung, Göttingen

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Bahrein und Jemâma

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x, 182 pages, including frontispiece, illustrations, diagrams. 24 centimeters

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