Morgan Philips Price (1885–1973) was a British journalist, photographer, and politician who wrote several books about Russia. He studied science at Cambridge University. In 1910 he joined a British scientific expedition to explore the headwaters of the Enesei River in central Siberia with two friends, writer, photographer, and cartographer Douglas Carruthers, and J.H. Miller, a zoologist and big-game hunter. Siberia is Price’s account of the expedition and his travels on the Trans-Siberian Railroad, his stay in the city of Krasnoiarsk, and his visit to the Siberian provincial town of Minusinsk. The book, published in 1914, is illustrated with photographs and maps. It includes chapters on the history of the colonization and social evolution of Siberia, economic conditions in western and central Siberia, and the economic future of Siberia. The concluding chapter is devoted to Mongolia, which Price also visited. Mongolia had been a Chinese province since 1691, but became an autonomous state under Russian protection in 1912. Price was an enthusiast for Siberia and its economic prospects, and saw many parallels between its development and that of Canada. He later reported on the Russian Revolution for the Manchester Guardian and served as a member of Parliament.

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