Records on the Pacification of the Sea in the Year of Ren Wu (1642)


Presented here is a collection of letters, official announcements, and placards published during the Chongzhen reign (1628‒44) during the campaign of Cheng Xun, an official who was posted to the Military Defense Circuit, a multi-prefecture jurisdiction, in the eastern coastal prefectures of Suzhou and Songjiang. Cheng Xun was engaged in military actions aimed at suppressing the surge of so-called sea pirates, many of whom were rebellious peasants who took up weapons. The whole battle lasted about three months. According to the biography included in the local gazetteer of Yongfeng, where he was born, Cheng Xun received his jin shi degree in 1634 and served in various posts, among them as prefect of Zhenjiang Fu, as a tax circuit intendant for the Jiangnan region, and later as governor of the prefectures of Huizhou and Chaozhou. He later was assassinated. The work begins with a table of contents for both of the two volumes. The placards included here all bear titles. The work was printed with movable type, a less-tedious and costly printing process first created during the 11th century.

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2 juan, 2 volumes

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