White Isles of the South Sea: History of the Apostolic Vicariate of the Gilbert and Ellice Archipelagoes, by Father Fernand Hartzer


This work, written by a French Roman Catholic priest and missionary, is a history of the establishment and early growth of the Catholic mission in the Gilbert and Ellice Islands. At the time, the islands were a British protectorate. They became a crown colony in 1915. In 1978, the Ellice Islands became the independent country of Tuvalu. In 1979, the Gilbert Islands, along with two other island groups, the Line Islands and the Phoenix Islands, became the independent country of Kiribati. In addition to the history of the mission, the work contains descriptions of the geography, flora and fauna, people, and culture of the islands.

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C. Amat, Paris


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Les îles blanches des mers du sud; histoire du vicariat apostolique des archipels Gilbert et Ellice, par le père Fernand Hartzer

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345 pages : illustrations, maps ; 25 centimeters

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