Complete History of the Song and Yuan Dynasties


In China it was customary for officials and scholars to write and rewrite the official history of the previous dynasties, as indicated by the large numbers of editions of such works in the collections of the Library of Congress and other institutions. The original Chinese title of the work presented here reads in its entirety: Xin kan Xian tai kao zheng Song Yuan tong jian quan bian (Newly printed complete history of the Song and Yuan dynasties, edited by Your Excellency).  It is a new Wanli (1573‒1620) edition of Song Yuan tong jian (Complete history of the Song and Yuan dynasties). The names of the editors are provided in the lengthy title inscription. They were Xu Yuantai (1536‒1617), a governor of Sichuan and a vice-censor-in-chief of the Censorate; He Ying, also a governor of the same province and an investigating censor during the Wanli reign; Shi Tianxiong; Yu Xiang; and Chen Tao. The work may have used texts of some earlier works or works issued around the same time, such as Shao wei tong jian, edited by Cao Lou. But this version is closer to a Zhengde edition (1505‒21), printed by the Directorate of Ceremonial, which used the 15th-century work by Liu Tan. This copy, however, contains more annotations and commentaries than the Zhengde edition. It has a seal impression of Xu Yuantai, which reads: Xu yin Menglin (Seal of Xu Menglin).

Last updated: January 10, 2018