Map of the Siberian Provinces, Containing the Provinces of Tobolsk and Eniseisk


This map highlights the regions of western and central Siberia, with a focus on the Tobolsk and Yeniseysk Provinces. The map was compiled by Johann Treskot (1719–86) and engraved by S. Sklunov in 1775. Gradients on the map were included by I. Kuvakin. Treskot was a talented geodesist, affiliated with the Geographical Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The symbol of Imperial Russia, the crest of a double-headed eagle holding the orb and scepter, adorns the center top of the map. Rivers, populated places, vegetation, and mountains are shown in detail for both Tobolsk and Yeniseysk Provinces, which are shaded in yellow and surrounded by a solid yellow borderline. Most rivers and tributaries, as well as lakes and other bodies of water, are named if located within these two provinces. Cities, towns, and other geographic points of interest are also extensively identified within Tobolsk and Yeniseysk Provinces. Similar cartographic indications are made for adjoining Russian regions shown in white rather than yellow, but are far fewer in number or detail. The shoreline of the Arctic Ocean along northern Russia is provided with a geographic specificity unusual for its era. The map indicates distance in versts, a tsarist-era unit of length equal to 1.07 kilometers.

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Карта Сибирской губернии, содержащая в себе Тобольскую и Енисейскую провинции

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1 map : color ; 63 x 82 centimeters

Last updated: February 7, 2018