Irkutsk Spiritual Mission in 1873


This report on the work of the Irkutsk Spiritual Mission in 1873 was written by Meletii (born Mikhail Kuzmich Yakimov, 1835–1900), who was the head of the mission at that time. Meletii began his missionary work in Siberia in 1862 among the Buriat people in the region east of Lake Baikal. After ten years there, he moved to another mission located near the border between Russia and Mongolia. He became head of the Irkutsk Spiritual Mission in 1873. In 1889, he was appointed bishop of Yakutsk, where missionaries and priests struggled to minister to an isolated group of people afflicted with leprosy. Meletii helped spread word about the conditions under which these people lived. Donations followed, and he was able to build a hospital where members of this community could be treated. In 1896, after spending his entire working life in Siberia, Meletii was appointed bishop of Riazan, or R’azan’, and Zaraisk in central Russia. He died in Riazan in 1900 and is buried in the Archangel Cathedral of the Riazan Kremlin. This book is preserved in the collections of the National Library of Russia in Saint Petersburg. It was digitized for the Meeting of Frontiers digital library project in the early 2000s.

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Иркутская духовная миссия в 1873 году

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