Orthodoxy in Siberia (Historical Essay)


Pravoslavie v Sibiri: Istoricheskii ocherk (Orthodoxy in Siberia: Historical essay) gives an overview of the expansion of the Orthodox faith in Siberia and the Russian Far East. During the 19th century, the Russian Orthodox Church expanded its missionary efforts among the native people of Siberia and the Russian Far East, in part to increase the influence of the Russian state over this territory. The book was written by Nestor (born Nikolai Alexandrovich Anisimov, 1884–1962), who founded the Kamchatka Orthodox Brotherhood in 1910 to support missionary work on the peninsula. Through the brotherhood, he established schools, churches, and medical clinics in the region, and he was the first bishop of Kamchatka. A supporter of the monarchist (White) forces during the Russian civil war, Nestor fled to Harbin, China, after the Bolsheviks came to power. He was instrumental in supporting the Russian émigré population in Harbin and was elevated to the rank of metropolitan of Harbin and Manchuria. In 1948 Nestor was arrested by the secret police and extradited from China to the Soviet Union, where he served eight years in a prison camp. After he was released, he returned to his ministry as metropolitan of Novosibirsk and Barnaul and supported Orthodox believers in the area of Russia along the Chinese border, where he again fell afoul of the government for protesting against church closures. The work’s subtitle indicates that it was published “In memory of the founding of the Kamchatka Orthodox Brotherhood in the name of the Sacred Image of the All-Merciful Savior” by the “honorary trustees, founders, and members of the Brotherhood for the Long Memory of the Kamchatka Missionary Hieromonk Nestor.” The book is preserved in the collections of the National Library of Russia in Saint Petersburg. It was digitized for the Meeting of Frontiers digital library project in the early 2000s.

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Православие в Сибири. (Исторический очерк). В память основания Камчатского Православного Братства во имя Нерукотвореннаго Образа Всемилостиваго Спаса. Почетным попечителям, учредителям и членам Братства на долгую память от камчатского миссионера Иеромонаха Нестора

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80 pages ; 21 x 14 centimeters

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