An Appeal to Orthodox Christians to Aid Missionaries Working Among Pagans and Muslims from His Eminence Makarii, Bishop of Tomsk and Barnaul


Bishop Makarii of Tomsk and Barnaul (born Mikhail Andreevich Nevskii, 1835–1926) became known as the apostle of the Altay for his three decades of missionary work among the native people of the Altay (or Altai) Territory in Siberia. He learned the local language and was instrumental in translating many religious texts into it. He established schools for the local people, using the work of Orthodox missionaries in Alaska as a model. Makarii became the bishop of the local diocese in 1884. In this letter, originally published in Tomsk in 1895 and addressed to Orthodox Christians in other parts of Russia, he asks for financial support for continued work in the Altay region. Makarii became metropolitan of Moscow in 1912. He was a loyal monarchist and was outspoken against revolutionary activities. He was forced to retire in 1917, after the abdication of the tsar. The letter is preserved in the collections of the National Library of Russia in Saint Petersburg. It was digitized for the Meeting of Frontiers digital library project in the early 2000s.

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P.I. Makushkina, Tomsk


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Воззвание к православным христианам о помощи благовестникам среди язычников и магометан. Преосвященного Макария, Епископа Томскаго и Барнаульскаго

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4 pages ; 25 x 15 centimeters

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