Instructions to Parish Priests for Relations with Schismatics and Other Sectarians


This short work gives detailed advice for Russian Orthodox parish priests working in Siberia to assist them in relating to peoples of other faiths and other types of Christianity. The booklet was published by the Diocese of Tobolsk, in western Siberia. Priests serving in this part of Siberia were likely to be in contact with native Buryat people, who were primarily Buddhist, and with Old Believers (the “schismatics” of the booklet’s title), who practiced a form of Orthodoxy that had been outlawed by the Russian state in the mid-17th century. The text suggests ways for priests to answer questions about Russian Orthodoxy as well as proselytize among people from these groups. The booklet is preserved in the collections of the National Library of Russia and was digitized in the early 2000s for the Meeting of Frontiers digital library project.

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Инструкция приходским священикам по отношению к раскольникам и другим сектантам

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16 pages ; 23 x 15 centimeters

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