Strolls Around Tobol'sk in 1830


Tobol'sk was founded by the Cossack Danila Chulkov in 1587 on the site of a Tatar town. It is considered the father of Siberian cities. Thanks to its position on the Great Siberian Post Road, Tobol'sk became the main administrative point for all of Siberia. Until 1824 it was the seat of government for Western Siberia. This book offers a portrait of the city during the first third of the 19th century through the eyes of one of its residents. The end of the book contains a set of tables with information about the economics of the region, air and soil temperatures, records of when the Irtysh River froze in the fall and when the ice broke up in the spring, and the identity of the songbirds living in the vicinity of Tobol'sk.

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Printing-House of Semen Selivanovskii, Moscow


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Progulki vokrug Tobol'ska v 1830 g

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VI, 196 pages, 11 supplemental sheets

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