Statistical Overview of Siberia


Statisticheskoe obozrenie Sibiri (Statistical overview of Siberia) presents a wide range of information and scientific data on the different parts of Siberia. Mikhail Bakkarevich, a noted Russian linguist and government official during the reign of Alexander I (1801‒25), compiled the book from government records and, as he notes, other “verifiable” primary sources. This work takes a standard Russian approach in using subject categories within a systematic geographic presentation, such as carefully distinguishing the Siberian rivers that flow into the Arctic Ocean from those that flow into the Pacific Ocean. This type of thorough academic assessment reflects both the rigorous scholarly methods that were developing in the early 19th century, as well as the desire of the Russian government to implement greater administrative control through the use of information. The book opens with an introduction, followed by a review of the mountains, rivers, seas, and other geographic points of interest in what the author terms the “natural state of Siberia” as it existed prior to human habitation. The sections that follow cover the flora, fauna, and minerals of Siberia, including plants and animals that were introduced to the region for industrial and agricultural purposes. Subsequent chapters concern the civil and political life of Siberia within a broader overview of the “historical characteristics” of the region. Following these are sections on the ethnographic “classes” of Siberia typical of Russian scholarly classifications in this era, including Russians, Finnic peoples, Tatars, Manchurians, and indigenous Siberian peoples. Next are chapters on the tsarist political subdivisions of Siberia, including descriptions of provinces and cities, which are presented geographically from Western to Eastern Siberia. These include the provinces of Perm, Tobol’sk, Tomsk, and Irkutsk and highlight major cities and districts within each province. The end of the book contains a substantive appendix on Kamchatka, which at this time was still a remote outpost of the Russian Empire.

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Статистическое обозрение Сибири

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