Pocket Atlas of the Complete Steam Route Through Asia to the Pacific Ocean. Trans-Siberian Railroad. Amur Steamship Company. Ussuriysk Railroad


Presented here is a pocket atlas from 1900 of the steam transportation network of Siberia, including the Trans-Siberian Railroad, the Ussuri Railroad, and the Amur River steamship lines. The publication reflects Russian national pride in the recent establishment of transit links to the Pacific Ocean, even before all sections of the Trans-Siberian Railroad were complete. The atlas contains 27 maps and 14 photographs. The first map shows the global network of rail and steamship connections. It is followed by a general map of Asiatic Russia (Siberia) and a map of the Trans-Siberian Railroad as far as Irkutsk (the route to Vladivostok was unfinished as of 1900, especially the arduous mountain route along the southern tip of Lake Baikal). Other maps show the southern shores of Lake Baikal; the Trans-Baikal Railroad; the Amur steamship routes and the Ussuri Railroad; the Kwantung region (the southern part of Liaodong Peninsula in China, a territorial concession occupied by Russia in 1898); with Dalian and Port Arthur and their environs. Separate maps show some of the largest Siberian and Russian Far Eastern cities and their environs, including Tomsk, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Chita, Blagoveshchensk, and Vladivostok. Interspersed with the maps are photographs of Siberian scenes, depicting railroad stations, steamship wharves, and vistas of places shown on the accompanying maps.

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School Cartography


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Карманный Атлас. Сплошной паровой путь через Азию к великому океану. Великая Сибирская железная дорога. Амурское пароходство. Уссурийская железная дорога

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27 maps, 14 photographs

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