Tegernsee Psalter


From the manuscript Clm 19202 in the Bavarian State Library, on leaf 313 verso, we learn that the Tegernsee monk Konrad Sartori, who held the post of librarian at the monastery from 1500 until his death in 1531, completed work on that codex in 1516. One year later, Sartori finished his work on the Psalter volume presented here, Clm 19203. The date 1517 was noted by him at the end of the hymns (leaf 288 recto). Work on both psalters continued at the monastery until 1518. The manuscript of this later Psalter is now divided into two volumes. The first volume, which is presented here (leaves 9‒341, modern foliation), contains the psalms (leaves 9 recto‒210 recto), the canticles (leaves 210 recto‒238 recto), and the hymns (leaves 238 verso‒288 recto). The Office of the Dead begins on leaf 288 recto (image 569 here). Full-page images and calendars can be found at the beginning of the second volume, consisting of 23 leaves with eight full-page images and three calendars for Tegernsee Abbey. The dimensions of the leaves and stylistic reasons make it quite probable that the first eight leaves at the beginning of the second volume once were part of the first volume. The images contained in this second volume are the work of various artists. As research has shown, 35 miniatures were modelled after those in Clm 19202 and two go back to miniatures of Jörg Gutknecht from Augsburg (born circa 1482, died 1515 or 1516), who also illuminated another psalter in the collections of the Bavarian State Library (Clm 19201). The originals used include a woodcut and three engravings by Albrecht Dürer. The manuscript came to Munich in 1803, in the course of the secularization of the Monastery of Tegernsee. It has been part of the collections of the Bavarian State Library ever since.

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Regensburg, Germany


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Psalter für Kloster Tegernsee

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341 folios, parchment : illuminated


  • This description of the work was written by Beatrice Hernad.
  • BSB shelfmark: Clm 19203(1

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