Saint Erentrud Orational


In the splendid manuscript known as the Saint Erentrud Orational, Salzburg illumination reaches new heights. Dating from the end of the 12th century, the codex consists of 155 parchment leaves. Although the manuscript comes from the Nonnberg convent in Salzburg, liturgical features and the hierarchy of the decorative elements indicate that it originally was intended for the monastery of Saint Peter, or at least that it was created at Saint Peter’s, the oldest and most important of the Salzburg monasteries. It is not known when the manuscript came into the possession of the convent, which had close ties with Saint Peter’s, both being Benedictine foundations. The collection, arranged according to the ecclesiastical year, contains capitula and collects, and has an introductory calendar of feast days in accordance with liturgical use. From the small initials for the ordinary feast to the large initial miniatures on a figured purple ground, the volume reveals throughout a studied and methodical decorative scheme with a high stylistic level of realization. The openness of Salzburg illumination to new achievements is clear from the renewed confrontation with Byzantine art, the influence of which is particularly evident in the images of the Virgin in the manuscript.

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Kollektar: "Orationale von St. Erentrud" - Capitula et orationes diebus dominicis et festivis in choro recitari solita, praecedente calendario

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155 folios, parchment : illuminated


  • This description of the work was written by Elisabeth Klemm.
  • BSB shelfmark: Clm 15902

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