Chronicle of the World


The Weltchronik (Chronicle of the world) presented here follows the text of the anonymous Christherre-Chronik (Christherre chronicle), in which smaller sections of the chronicles of Rudolf of Ems, Jans Enikel, and Heinrich of Munich have been inserted. The large-format manuscript, which breaks off after 40 parchment leaves (in the story of Jacob and Esau), was originally planned as a complex work, with numerous miniatures in opaque colors and gold and excellent edge borders accompanying the prologue. These miniatures include, in medallions and diamond fields, a number of agile half-figures in motion bearing scrolls that represent the biblical and ancient authors, as well as the Church Fathers mentioned in the prologue as sources and precursors. The miniatures particularly show the Bohemian influence on the illumination of this manuscript. The chronicle text contains mainly single-column images, which remained unfinished in their execution. The manuscript has been in Bavaria since the 16th century and was in the Benedictine monastery of Benediktbeuern until 1803, when it was transferred to Munich. It has been part of the collections of the Bavarian State Library ever since.

Last updated: December 20, 2017