Illustrated Coastal Maps of Jiangsu and Fujian


This compilation of maps, which initially were published separately, was the work of Zhu Zhengyuan of the late Qing dynasty, based on his field investigations and consultation of records on marine maps. The headline title of the original work reads: Zhejiang (huo Jiangsu, Fujian) yan hai tu shuo (Illustrated coastal maps of Zhejiang [or Jiangsu, Fujian]). On the top right are the names of strategic ports; at the bottom are the page numbers. On the title page, the title is written in the style of Wei stele script in large characters and reads: “Illustrated Zhejiang coastal map, with a chart of islands.” (Jiangsu and Fujian Provinces follow the same format.) On the title page verso is the publisher’s statement: “Printed in deluxe woodblock, the month of October of the 25th year (1899) of the Guangxu reign.” The Jiangsu coastal map was printed in the same year, and the Fujian map in April, the 28th year (1902) of the Guangxu reign. The heading in the first column of the text reads: “Illustrated Zhejiang coastal map,” followed in the next column by the name of the compiler: “Compiled respectfully by Zhu Zhengyuan, designated department vice magistrate.” The original work had neither prefaces nor postscripts, but the Zhejiang map contains 15 explanatory notes at the front and the table of contents, which clearly indicates that this was completed earlier than the other two, even though they follow the same format. The later maps contain a note, which reads: “For details, see the explanatory notes in the Zhejiang coastal map.” All three volumes contain comprehensive content, written in the style of a modern maritime guide, providing details on the waterways of each province (including the depths of waters and conditions of sea transport), tides, sand reefs, islands, cities and towns, terrain, and variant names. In addition, a chart of islands is attached to each of the volumes. Included in the chart are names, distances, length and width, population, number of ships, and anchor grounds, and so forth. The work discusses the advantageous topography and defense installations along the southeastern coasts of China. The copy from which this presentation is drawn includes all three works on Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Fujian, in six juan in three volumes. Even though the title contains the word “illustrated,” for unknown reasons there are no maps. Shown here is the content for Jiangsu only.

Last updated: October 30, 2017