Expedition Against the Isazai Clans on the Hazara Border by a Force Under the Command of Major-General Sir W.S.A. Lockhart in 1892


This military report is an account of an 1892 expedition by the British Indian Army in the North-West Frontier of British India. The expedition was ordered against the Hasanzai, Akazai, and Mada Khel, three branches of the Isazai, a Pathan (Pashtun) tribe inhabiting the Black Mountain area of the Hindu Kush. Two similar campaigns, in 1888 and 1891, preceded the expedition, both also aimed at securing the border with Afghanistan. The Isazai resisted the border that the British imposed, and the roads and communication lines the British were building in the country. A year earlier, in the 1891 expedition, the British and the Isazai reached an agreement that required the three tribal branches, among other things, to banish their nominal chief, Hashim Ali Khan, whom the British considered an outlaw. The chief, however, returned to the territory, prompting the British to send this expedition to capture him. The report presented here is written by Captain A.H. Mason, an intelligence officer with the Isazai Field Force in 1892. It begins by giving the recent history and context of the issue and sheds light on the campaign of the previous year, including the broken agreement the British had reached with the Isazai. It also describes the plan for the proposed expedition, the reconnaissance operations undertaken, and the advance to the village of Baio, on the banks of the Indus, where Hashim Ali Khan was thought to be hiding. The report concludes with the British force arriving at the village, only to find it deserted. The force then undertook some punitive measures, destroying defenses and towers in the area. Twelve appendices provide texts of statements, dispatches, and military orders pertaining to the expedition. The report also includes two maps and a sketch showing a view of the village of Baio.

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Government Central Press, Simla, India


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Expedition against the Isazai clans of the Hazara border by a force under the command of Major-General Sir W.S.A. Lockhart in 1892

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ii, 16, xxvii pages : illustrations, maps ; 33 centimeters

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