Finnish Information News


Suomalaiset Tieto-Sanomat (Finnish information news) was the first newspaper published in Finnish. It was published in 1775‒76 in Turku, in southwest Finland by Anders, or Antti, Lizelius (1708‒95), the rector of the nearby town of Mynämäki. His goal for the newspaper was to provide its readers with information, particularly on animal husbandry, other farming techniques, and prevention of disease. Its coverage included other topics, such as handiwork, other occupations, and economic activities. It also was a vehicle for delivering news about foreign places and events to Finns, in Finnish. There were 24 numbers, issued twice a week. Presented here is the first issue of the newspaper, which appeared on September 1, 1775. The paper folded because its subscription base was so small. Antti Lizelius was also involved in other ways to promote the Finnish language, especially two Finnish translations of the Bible.

Last updated: May 2, 2017