Jinja, Uganda, East Africa


This map shows Jinja, a district in eastern Uganda located on the northern shores of Lake Victoria. Jinja is also the name of the largest town in Jinja District, and is considered the capital of the Kingdom of Busoga. The town is located on the shore of Lake Victoria, just east of the point at which the Nile River is seen exiting the lake on its long course northward. The right side of the map shows a part of Kenya, with the international border between the two countries clearly marked. The map was published by the Lands and Surveys Department of Uganda in 1962 and reprinted in 1965 and again in 1969 with minor alterations. It shows features of the terrain, including swamp and forested land; county, district, and provincial boundaries; roads; towns and villages; the boundaries of forest reserves; rivers and streams; and a part of Lake Victoria and some of its many islands. The scale of the map is 1:250,000, and three distance scales are given: in statute miles, yards, and kilometers. Height above sea level is indicated in feet.

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Department of Lands and Surveys, Uganda, Entebbe, Uganda


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1 map : color ; 81 x 65 centimeters


  • From the Uganda National Fisheries Resources Research Institute. Digitized at the National Library of Uganda with support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York.
  • Scale 1:250,000

Last updated: June 29, 2017