Bugala, Uganda, East Africa


This map shows the western part of Bugala Island, the largest of the islands of the Sese (also seen as Ssese) Islands archipelago in Lake Victoria, Uganda. Bugala is some 40 kilometers long, with Luku, its northern settlement and tip lying just off the mainland coast near the village of Bukakata. The ferry link between Bukakata and Bugala is shown on the map. The Sese Islands comprise the Kalangala District of Uganda, which takes its name from the town of Kalangala, located on Bugala Island. Kalangala District is in the southern part of the region of Central Uganda. The Sese Islands historically were inhabited by the Bassese, a Bantu tribe, and were part of the Kingdom of Buganda, the largest of the Ugandan kingdoms. The main economic activities were fishing for the giant Nile perch and agriculture. The map is a 1967 reprint, issued by the Uganda Department of Lands and Surveys, of a map published in 1960 by the Directorate of Overseas Surveys of the United Kingdom. It is based on aerial photography carried out by the Royal Air Force in 1950 and a commercial firm in 1955, supplemented by field survey data. The map shows the main features of the terrain of Bugala, which include forest, swamp, and hilly areas. Heights above sea level are given in feet. Man-made features on the sparsely populated island that are shown include huts, roads and tracks, and landings. The scale of the map is 1:50,000. Distance scales are given in miles, feet, and kilometers; elevations above sea level are marked in feet.

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Lands and Surveys Department, Entebbe, Uganda


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1 map : color ; 64 x 82 centimeters


  • From the Uganda National Fisheries Resources Research Institute. Digitized at the National Library of Uganda with support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York.
  • Scale 1:50,000

Last updated: June 29, 2017