Book of Hours of Daniel Rym


This richly illuminated Book of Hours was created circa 1420‒30 for Elizabeth van Munte and her husband Daniel Rym. The couple is represented throughout the manuscript in a number of ways. Rym’s heraldic shield is held by an angel on folio 42 recto, while van Munte’s heraldry is held by a dragon on folio 18 recto. Both are also depicted in donor portraits, with van Munte kneeling on folio 62 recto and Daniel Rym kneeling before his namesake, Saint Daniel, on folio 168 verso. Made for personal use, this exquisite Book of Hours begins each hour with a full-page miniature. Gold is widely used in the illumination, and drolleries throughout the book depict playful figures and hybrids engaging in a variety of activities, such as reading texts, kneeling in devotion, playing with or climbing the foliate fillet of the initials, or emerging from large flowers. Especially touching is a sweet couple embracing on the folio facing the Deposition and the Veronica (folio 118 recto). This devotional work is by the Master of Guillebert de Mets, an illuminator working in the Parisian style in Flanders in about 1410‒45, whose moniker derives from illuminations by him in a manuscript signed by a scribe called Guillebert de Mets. The layout of his pages closely links the text, miniatures, and border decorations in a distinctive way. The text is written in black and brown ink in a textura script, with rubrics in red. Instructions to the rubricator are often in the side margins. Gold initials mark text divisions. The book has 13 extant full-page miniatures at the beginnings of each hour.

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Flanders, Belgium

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186 folios : parchment ; 13.3 x 16.7 centimeters


  • Walters Ms. W.166


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