Iconographic Plan of Mexico City Showing the General Layout of its Pleasant and Beautiful Streets: As well as the repair and elimination of the negative features of the various neighborhoods, with their myriad hidden places, deserted alleyways, ruins and the negligent residents who cause them, in spite of all the efforts of the officers of public law and order under the command of His Excellency Count Revilla Gigedo, in the administration of Metropolitan Mayor Don Ignacio Castera


This map of Mexico City was made to support an early effort at urban improvement carried out by Viceroy Juan Vicente Güemes Pacheco de Padilla Revillagigedo (1740-99), who served as the 52nd viceroy of New Spain in the period from 1789 to 1794. During his tenure, this enlightened official undertook a massive overhaul of the social, financial, and administrative organization of New Spain. He ordered the first census, reorganized the militia, strengthened frontier garrisons, and promoted further exploration of the Pacific coast. This map reflects the viceroy's interest in improving the capital city through paving, lighting, and public health projects. The map includes an extensive keyed legend and notes on urban development, and is color coded to indicate the condition of streets and houses and to provide information about drainage. This map is a copy of Ignacio Castera's original map prepared by Manuel Ygnacio de Jesus de Aguila in 1794.

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Plano ichnographico de la ciudad de Mexico que demuestra el reglamento general de sus calles asi para la comodidad y hermosura, como para la correccion y extirpacion de las maldades ge. hay en sus barrios, por la infinidad de sitios escondidos, callejones sin transito, ruinas y paderones que las ocasionan, a pesar del zelo de los justics. de orden del Exmo. Sr. Conde Revilla Gigedo por el Mtro. Mayor D. Ignacio Castera

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1 pen-and-ink and watercolor manuscript map ; 42 x 46 centimeters


  • Scale approximately 1:15,000

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