Military Map of the Theater of War


This map, published in Brazil in 1914, was intended to acquaint readers with the main powers involved in World War I. The heads of state and the flags of Austria-Hungary, Germany, Russia, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Serbia, Montenegro, Italy, and Portugal are shown. At the bottom of the map, figures are given for the size of the army and the navy of each of the powers, with the figures of a soldier in the national uniform and a ship for each country shown in different sizes to indicate the relative size of these forces. Although quite simple, the graphic is effective in showing the numerical preponderance of the Russian, German, and to some extent French armies, and the quantitative strength of the British navy. The names of capitals are underlined, and red dots are used to indicate the principal fortresses on the continent. This simple and colorful map also shows how different Europe looked in 1914 from what it was to become after the war and the Paris Peace Conference of 1919. Four empires―the German, Austro-Hungarian, Russian, and Ottoman Turkish―collapsed as a consequence of World War I, leading to the establishment of many more independent nation states. The war also hastened independence for Ireland, shown here as still part of the United Kingdom, and resulted in territorial changes in the border between Austria and Italy in favor of the latter.



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Estto. Graphico F. Borgonovo, Rio de Janeiro


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Mappa militar do Theatro da Guerra


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1 map : color ; 56 x 71.5 centimeters

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