What Germany Desires. Its Ambitions Exposed by the Thinking of Its Leaders


Brazil was the only country in South America to declare war on Germany. It originally maintained strict neutrality in the conflict between the Allied and Central powers, but in October 1917, following attacks by German submarines on Brazilian merchant ships, it entered the war on the side of the Allies. This map was published as part of the information and propaganda campaign to explain why Brazil was at war. In the upper-right-hand corner is a table of statements by various German writers and officials expressing German claims to annex or control numerous countries and territories around the world. A numbered key is used to link the statements to particular places on the map, with territories said to be coveted by Germany colored in red. All of South America is shown as a target of German ambitions, as are much of Africa, Europe, and parts of China. At the bottom of the map, on the right, is the partial text of a tribute to Belgium for its resistance to the German invasion of its territory and for “saving constitutional Europe from military Europe.” The tribute is signed by Nilo Peçanha, minister of foreign affairs during the administration of President Venceslau Brás (1914‒18), and Ruy Barboza (usually seen as Barbosa), an influential member of the Federal Senate. Peçanha and Barboza were both pro-British and argued for greater Brazilian involvement in the war. The other box at the bottom of the map is entitled “Why is Brazil at war?” and contains the partial text of a message sent by Affonso Alves de Camargo, governor of the state of Paraná, to the legislature of Paraná. The underlying map used in this propaganda document is British and in English; the accompanying statements and annotations are all in Portuguese.

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Johnson, Riddle & Company, Limited, London

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O que a Allemanha ambiciona. As suas pretensões expostas pelos proprios leaders do seu modo de pensar

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1 map : color ; 64 x 104 centimeters

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