A Troubled Europe. Map of the Conflagration


A encrenca européa mappa conflagrado (A troubled Europe: Map of the conflagration) is a satirical map of Europe, published shortly after the outbreak of World War I. The map is dated August 22, 1914, and signed by Raul Paranhos Pederneiras (1874‒1953), a Brazilian illustrator, painter, caricaturist, author, and professor at the School of Fine Arts in the University of Rio de Janeiro. The countries of Europe are personified as male and female characters, most with angry faces and making threatening gestures toward their neighbors. The map was sponsored by Globo, a financial institution that offered loans, savings accounts, and insurance. The map reflects the keen interest with which people in Brazil, as in other countries, followed developments in Europe as the continent descended into war. Brazil was the only country in South America to declare war on Germany and the only country in Latin America to participate militarily in World War I. Like the United States, Brazil originally maintained strict neutrality in the conflict between the Allied and Central powers. However, in October 1917, following attacks by German submarines on Brazilian merchant ships, Brazil entered the war on the side of the Allies. The Brazilian army did not send troops to Europe, but the Brazilian navy helped to patrol the South Atlantic for German submarines. Brazil was also an important supplier of commodities to the Allies during the war.

Last updated: November 14, 2017