Maskat and Matrah in Oman, Arabia


Presented here is a large-scale topographic map of Matrah and Maskat (Masqat) made by Francis Sidney Weller (1849‒1910), a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, to accompany a paper by Captain Arthur William Stiffe (1831‒1912). Stiffe served in the Indian Navy and later in the Royal Indian Marine. He was engineer in chief and electrician for the Indian government telegraph cables in the Persian Gulf (1864‒79) and in 1890 was engineer in chief of the Halifax‒Bermuda cable-laying expedition. Stiffe was the co-author of the famous Persian Gulf Pilot, incl. the Gulf of Oman navigation aids, which appeared in several editions between 1864 and 1898. Weller’s father, Edward, was also a member of the Royal Geographical Society and was one of the first London map printers to adopt lithography. Francis Sidney Weller inherited his father’s successful business and is best known now for his maps of British counties published in The Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales, edited by J.H.F. Brabner and published in the 1890s. Topography is indicated on this map by contour lines although no information as to their height is given. Settled areas are indicated by grey shading. Palm trees indicate agricultural areas around the settlements. The map also shows important pathways and passes.

Date Created

Subject Date

Publication Information

Royal Geographical Society, London


Type of Item

Physical Description

1 map : color ; 19 x 43 centimeters


  • As found in The Geographical Journal, 1897.
  • Map scale 1:30,000

Last updated: January 3, 2018