Valencian Regional Exhibition, 1909


This color poster by Vicente Climent Pastor (1872‒1923) was awarded the first prize in the competition for a poster to promote the regional exhibition of 1909. The very successful Valencian Regional Exhibition was a commercial and industrial fair held to enhance Valencia’s prestige following the model initiated by London, Barcelona, and Paris in 1851, 1888, and 1889 respectively. It was organized by the Commercial Athenaeum of Valencia and held between May 22 and December 22, 1909. The poster competition, held at the Circle of Fine Arts in 1908, was staged by the organizing committee of the exhibition. The image represents Commerce offering a crown of laurels to Agriculture, Science, and Fine Arts. The upper section shows the coats of arms of the three Valencian provinces over glazed tiles. The lower area shows those of the Commission Office and the Commercial Athenaeum of Valencia, with the Senyera, the banner with red stripes on a yellow ground with a crown on a blue background. It was the flag of the old Kingdom of Valencia that formed part of the crown of Aragon and is the current flag of the Autonomous Community of Valencia. Behind the figure of Commerce stands a statue of the winged victory. In the background is the calm sea; at the bottom, the sign announcing the exhibition over a glazed-tile background. The poster was produced by the notable Valencian printer, Simeón Durá’s Playing Cards and Lithography Company. The Valencian Autonomous Community has a long-standing poster tradition that started with the arrival of the first posters in the 19th century. The Valencian Library holds a vast collection of visual material that includes prints, photographs, posters, postcards, maps, drawings and other minor printed ephemera. Among these items is a collection of more than 11,000 posters from the last quarter of the 19th century to the present.

Last updated: December 7, 2017