Great Festivals and Fairs in Valencia in 1913


Honorio Romero Orozco (1867–1920) was a Valencian artist who specialized in portraits and landscapes (mainly rural scenes). He also painted scenes with ships and produced posters such as this one, announcing the most important festival of the city: the Gran Feria de Valencia (Great Valencia Fair). The fair was inaugurated by the Valencian City Hall on July 21, 1871. It was an initiative by the city’s business community intended to encourage Valencians to spend their summer vacations in the city, where they could attend such special events as Boy Scout jamborees, horseback riding events, parades, livestock shows, plant exhibitions, flower shows, musical contests, and so forth. The nobility and the upper-middle class soon started taking part in the celebration, setting up pavilions in which to hold balls and other events in the evenings. The celebration is still held in Valencia throughout July. The Valencian Autonomous Community has a long-standing poster tradition that started with the arrival of the first posters in the 19th century. The Valencian Library holds a vast collection of visual material that includes prints, photographs, posters, postcards, maps, drawings and other minor printed ephemera. Among these items is a collection of more than 11,000 posters from the last quarter of the 19th century to the present.

Last updated: December 7, 2017