Anush: An Opera in Five Acts and Seven Scenes from a Poem of the Same Name by Hovhannes T‘umanyan


The Armenian composer Armen Tigranyan (1879–1950) was born in Alexandropol (modern Gyumri) in the region of northwestern Armenia that was then part of the Transcaucasian Republic of the Russian Empire. He was educated in Tiflis (present-day Tbilisi, Georgia) then the capital of that republic, and entered its musical conservatory in 1887. He was moved to write an opera based on Hovhannes T‘umanyan’s “Anush” soon after he first read the poem. He began his work in 1904 and completed it in 1908. The opera is now known and loved by Armenians in the Republic of Armenia and throughout the Armenian Diaspora. The work underwent several revisions before reaching its present shape. Deeply imbued with the folk traditions of Armenian music, its score is nonetheless thoroughly original. Presented here is the complete score of the opera in an edition published in Soviet Armenia in 1954. The libretto is in Armenian, with accompanying Russian translation. The score is preceded by a photographic portrait of Tigranyan and an introduction to his work and the opera in Armenian and Russian.

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Haypethrat, Yerevan, Armenia

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Անուշ: օպերա 5 գործոլությամբ 7 պատկերով: ըստ Հոհվ. Թումանյանի համանւն պոեմի

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362 pages ; 30 centimeters

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