Compilation of World Chronicles in Verse


This parchment manuscript preserved in the Bavarian State Library is a compilation taken from the so-called Christherre-Chronik (Christherre Chronicle) and the World Chronicle of Jans Enikel with pieces of information continued from the Chronicle of Rudolf von Ems. The dialect indicates that it was made in Bavaria or Austria, probably between 1370 and 1375. It was written by three scribes in a clearly legible Gothic textura and richly decorated with a breathtaking number of 327 mainly small but nevertheless realistic illustrations in body color, anticipating the style of 15th century Bavarian illumination. Most miniatures are limited to a single column; however, some are considerably bigger, with both formats in use depending on the subjects to be illustrated. The horizontal format, for example, has been primarily adopted for battle scenes or the depiction of the animals leaving Noah's Ark (folio 25 verso), whereas vertical formats are used for the Tower of Babel and for illustrating the ascension of Alexander the Great. In the 16th century, the codex was kept in Vienna, where it received a new binding. From there it came to Augsburg City Library and subsequently, in 1806, to the royal court library in Munich.

Last updated: October 17, 2017